My counselling service


Whatever underlies your decision to seek therapy, my role as a counsellor is to help you make sense of & work through your issues so that you can live more of the life you want to.  I believe in working in a flexible & responsive manner that best meets each person’s individual needs & so I integrate various modalities 

into my therapy practice.  Therefore some client sessions may be more structured & focused on a particular issue & we may look at a range of strategies & techniques helpful to progress & wellbeing.  At other times, sessions will be used as somewhere to really offload, to think & talk through what is going on & to consider your options for moving forward.  Whatever approach we decide to take, all my sessions are led with care & in an ethical & confidential manner.  


Most of us will at some point in our lives experience events or face personal struggles that leave us feeling low & unsettled and can lead us to living in a way that simply does not feel right for us.  Life is often stressful & complicated, things can & do go wrong but personal therapy can help us live better, more meaningful lives & can help equip us to deal with the challenges that will inevitably continue to come our way.  


Deciding to have counselling can feel like a big step, it is not always an easy ride & may be challenging, but good therapy can be a very positive experience & make a real impact on how we think, feel & behave & can significantly improve our psychological wellbeing.